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2022 Faculty & GiHF Advisors

Bincy Abraham, MD


Maria Abreu, MD

Anita Afzali, MD


Jessica Allegretti, MD

Christopher Almario, MD


Darren Brenner, MD


Brooks Cash, MD

Christopher Chang, MD

Lin Chang, MD


Adam Cheifetz, MD

Joan Chen, MD


William Chey, MD

Austin Chiang, MD


Russell Cohen, MD


Carl Crawford, MD

Raymond Cross, MD

Evan Dellon, MD


Amar Deshpande, MD


Kenneth DeVault, MD


Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD


Sharon Dudley-Brown, FNP-BC


Elisabeth Evans, FNP-BC


Francis Farraye, MD

Ronnie Fass, MD

Paul Feuerstadt, MD


Monika Fischer, MD

Craig Friesen, MD


Christine Frissora, MD

Nancy Gupta, MD

Stephen Hanauer, MD

Christina Hanson, FNP

Ikuo Hirano, MD


Patrick Horne, APRN-FNP

Colin Howden, MD


David Hudesman, MD


Kim Isaacs, MD

Colleen Kelly, MD

Nabeel Khan, MD 

Sahil Khanna, MD

Jami Kinnucan, MD


Kavita Kongara, MD

Asher Kornbluth, MD


David Kunkel, MD


Braden Kuo, MD

Gary Lichtenstein, MD


Dana Lukin, MD

Lisa Malter, MD

Nicole Martinez de Andino, APRN

Dermot McGovern, MD

Baharak Moshiree, MD

Linda Nguyen, MD

Darrell Pardi, MD

Daksesh Patel, DO

Mark Pimentel, MD


Satish Rao, MD

Miguel Regueiro, MD


Joel Rosh, MD

David Rubin, MD


Bruce Sands, MD


Gregory Sayuk, MD

Kate Scarlata, MPH, RDN


Lawrence Schiller, MD


Philip Schoenfeld, MD

Eric Shah, MD

Amol Sharma, MD


Bo Shen, MD

Chandar Singarum, MD


Brennan Spiegel, MD

Kyle Staller, MD

Arun Swaminath, MD

Doug Wolf, MD

The GiHF is pleased to release the current 2022 participating faculty! Please be sure to check back for further updates. 

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